Large scale industries in Pakistan using coal boilers as an alternative source of Energy!

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Production is a process that is totally dependent on power sources and a very important power source is natural gas. It has been seen in the recent past that natural gas’ supply is short in country and industry doesn’t gets sufficient supply.  The effect of gas shortage has greatly affected the industrial sector. Factory owners are trying to solve with this trouble. Several factories got locked due to energy crisis and much capital drain was observed as well.

Coal Boilers

Here is the solution…

Every trouble has some way out. At last, the experts and administration specialists have found an explanation. The coal boilers have solved the problem of gas shortage. Coal boilers are used on large scale in country for the purpose of boiling. In Pakistan, the coal is highly present so it is accessible as well. A famous example of this abundance is Thar coal project.

How is coal better?

The entrepreneurs use it due to numerous reasons. Some of the advantages of coal boilers are listed below:

  • As explained previously, coal is extremely plentiful in Pakistan and due to this profusion; it becomes highly cheap in cost as compared to other fuels such as gasoline. So it is much less in cost as compared to other power sources.
  • Coal can easily be extracted and made ready to use.
  • Coal combustion is trouble-free and easy. It’s blazing gives way to numerous useful by-products. These by products serve to be additional revenue of the entrepreneur.
  •  It’s use, handling, storing and transportation is very easy.
  • Weather conditions affect the working of some other energy sources such as solar power and wind. But this is not the case here. Weather conditions do not have any effect on working of a coal boiler.
  • Supply of oil is mostly affected by adverse relations between the exporter and the importer country. Pakistan is also one of the many countries which have to import oil products from foreign countries. On the other hand, Pakistan is self sufficient in coal, so it is quite feasible and viable to use coal as an energy source.

Due to the recent gas shortfall, it has been seen that use of coal boilers have produced much more effective results than use of any other power source such as diesel or gasoline. Coal is readily available in market and is normally purchased in bulk to enjoy large scale economy. By and large, the use of coal boilers in industrial plants is a very handy and useful alternative in this crunch time, where the supply of gas is short throughout the year and especially in the winter season. So if you want to produce goods in the factory without any power breakage, the best option is coal boilers.

Author Bio:

Ammad is a very profound, dedicated researcher-cum-intellectual. He is currently working at University of Punjab. He has authored a number of books and many articles in numerous journals owe his name. He has a healthy research work on coal boilers and steam boilers in Pakistan.

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