Welsh Councils Pass Gas Drilling Tests!

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Any firms that are involved in hydraulic fracturing, or fracking as it is better known, must succeed in finding excellent quality pipe fittings. This technique involves extremely high pressures, meaning there is no room for substandard supplies.

The process involves drilling down into the earth before directing a high-pressure water mixture at the rock to release any gas that is trapped inside. Water, chemicals and sand are all injected into the rock and this causes the gas to flow out to the head of the well. It can be carried out vertically or horizontally.

In a development in the UK, two councils in Wales have backed exploratory gas drilling bids. The local authorities in the Vale of Glamorgan and Rhondda Cynon Taf (RCT) have agreed to borehole drilling at a total of four different sites. Three of these are in the Vale, while the fourth is at Llantrisant.

The firm behind the proposals is Coastal Oil and Gas and it will now be able to explore the structure and geography of the sites to assess whether or not they are suitable for shale gas extraction. According to the company, its approach is being backed by engineering support from Welsh firm Cintec.

Cintec has developed a technique using Kevlar material, which is extremely strong and is usually found in bullet-proof armour, to wrap around the drill bore pipes before they are fitted with concrete to form a barrier against pollution. The company has also created an inflatable water storage system that would remove the need for water reservoirs to be built on fracking sites.

Noting the limitations of the approved plans, RCT council said: “This application is for exploration works only and does not entail any ground stimulation, more familiarly known as fracking, nor does it involve directional drilling. Any future proposals for extraction would require a further application for planning permission and the grant of planning permission for mineral exploration does not indicate a presumption in favour of future exploitation of any mineral resources found.

Gas Drilling Tests

“Therefore, concerns about fracking, and the perceived consequences of it, are not material in the determination of this application.”

Speaking in favour of fracking, director of Coastal Oil and Gas Gerwyn Williams suggested that the case for the technique is growing. He added: “Shale gas extraction offers us a secure and viable solution to boost our economy, create significant employment and lead the way towards energy self-sufficiency for the whole of the UK.

“What is needed now is a better understanding of the industry and the process, in order to enable communities and the wider public to allay concerns and enjoy the process’s many benefits. If we do not investigate alternative solutions, fuel supplies will run out.”

Firms like Coastal Oil and Gas, and other organisations working in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, need access to the right materials for their fittings. Whether they are after items made from duplex, super duplex or anything else, they should be able to find what they want online.

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