How to Become a Good ‘Scramble with Friends’ Player!

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Scramble with Friends is a fun game that can be played on Android phones, iPhones, Android tablets, and iPads. As the name suggests, it is the classic scrabble game with a twist. Scramble with Friends is a word game that lets you find as many words as you can on a given board of letters, in exactly two minutes. The game is played only on touch screen surfaces, and this is why it limited to only a few operating systems and gadgets.

Scramble with Friends can be extremely addictive, and it is a very popular game among word game or Scrabble lovers. You can connect the game with your Facebook account to compete with your Facebook buddies. It is a game powered by online puzzle game giant Zynga – other similar games by Zynga include ‘Words with Friends’ and ‘What’s the Phrase’.

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The game is challenging yet enjoyable, and it can be mastered by players of all ages. You may play with your friends, random opponents (who are picked through a smart match algorithm, so that you only play with your fair competitor), or by yourself in practice mode. There are many cheat apps developed to master the game, but what’s the fun if you do not play it by yourself? Here are a few fair tips and tricks to help you play Scramble with Friends at your best:

  • Learn with Time

The best teacher on this game is time. Once you start playing the game, you will get quicker and swifter with your word search. Moreover, you will get used to finding words in your mind and swiping across the grid simultaneously. Give yourself at least a week to practice and your skills will keep getting better!

  • Do Not Use Lots of Power Ups

You can use many power ups including time freeze, scramble, vision, and inspiration. One power up is free per game, the second power up you choose will cost you one extra coin, and a third power up with cost you three extra coins. You may use a single power up or a cocktail of two or more, but it is recommended that you do not rely too much on them. The best one to use is time freeze – it lets you spend more time searching for words. You may also use the premium power up called mega freeze.

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  • Play with a Fresh Mind

Believe it or not, but this game requires a great deal of attention, intelligence, quickness, and sharpness of the mind. Play the game when you are fresh and ready to tackle some problems. This game proves to be a great mental exercise for people of all ages.

  • Polish Your Skills with Daily Challenges and Practice Rounds

You can enhance your flash cool game skills by playing the Daily Challenge and the Practice Round. In both, you will be playing all by yourself; however, there is a leader board and score is maintained for the Daily Challenges. The Daily Challenge will cost you one token whereas the Practice Round will cost you two tokens.

Scramble with Friends is a game that proves to be a perfect past time. It enhances your vocabulary, word finding skills, quickness of the mind, decision making abilities, and sense of healthy competition.

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