Potential Syria Military Operation and Global Financial Crisis!

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Syrian CrisisSyria’s Civil War – Brief History:

The Syrian civil war or the Syrian civil disobedience is a continuing armed forces’ quarrel between army of the President Bashaar-ul-Assad and those who are in demand of his expel from supremacy.


The movement pragmatically got ignition on March 15, 2011. The picketers are of demand that President Assad should resign from his office as his family unit is in command since 1971. This movement is called as a part of the ‘Arab spring.’  The Syrian army has brutally demonstrated a slaughter of humans, the protesters, and this has caused a lot of mayhem and turmoil, not only in Syria, Middle East, but throughout the globe. In April 2011, Syrian army was directed to counteract with the rebellions using force and till June 2013, more than 100,000 inhabitants have been killed as per UN statistics.  Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah group are supporting the Syrian army. On the other hand, Saudi Arabia and Qatar deliver arms to the insurgents. Now, the hottest news in this regard is that Syrian army has been alleged with the use of chemical weapons on the protesters and this allegation has been denied by the Damascus.  

Syrian opposition:

Syrian opposition is a collective term used to signify those forces which are against Syrian regime. They have formed a Syrian National Council. Syrian National council has gained recognition from 17 affiliates of United States. The list of recognizers also includes 3 permanent members, United States, United Kingdom and France.

International and Regional Powers Reaction on Syria Crisis:

The US President Barrack Hussain Obama has announced to use military acts on Syria and has also said that a UN sanction or a resolution is not an indispensable factor in this regard to allow America to wage a war on Syria. Barrack says he is only in wait from a vote of approval from American Congress.  In response to US targets to wage a war to punish Syrian authorities for alleged use of Chemical weapons, Russia has clearly said that in case America attacks Syria, Russia would initiate an attack on Saudi Arabia. On the other hand, Iran’s Supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenei has stated: “US will meet same consequences as in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

New Financial Crisis could be an outcome of Potential Syrian War:

Wars are never fruitful for mankind, whether honorably, politically or economically. The most adverse effects of war are loss of human lives and dire economic conditions. Let us have a look how initiation of a war upon Syria can cause solemn global financial crisis:

Crude Oil Price hikes:

Although Syria’s oil manufacture is not substantial as compared to total production of the planet, yet a war in Syria would cause a petrol price hike. Currently the price of Brent Crude is $117 per barrel. Financial experts are of the view that this price would get up to $125(7% increment approx.) if air strikes are launched and would jump up to $150 (28% increment approx.) if the petrol production is affected as a consequence of air strikes.

Effect on neighbors:

Ascribed earlier, the air strikes would not only affect Syria, but its brunt will also be on whole of planet. When a fire breaks in some house, the immediate victims are residents of the house itself and then the neighboring houses. Same is the case here. The effect of war would definitely be on Iraq.  Iraq produces 3 million barrels of petrol daily and the sectarian violence there is touching its heights these days and it’s much likely that air smacks in Syria would affect Iraq as well. Kurds run the Northern Iraq and produce 250,000 barrels oil. These people have interest in well-being of its own fellows as they live in the border area of Syria, the north-eastern border.

Iran and the strait:

Iran has a supply 2.7 million barrels of oil to international market. Had a war been launched, Iran, being a staunch supporter of Assad’s rule, may cut off this provision. Secondly, there is a diminutive strait which separates Iran from United Arab Emirates. It is the passageway for thousands oil tankers daily! Iran may also cause a threat to close it if a war has been confirmed pragmatically.

Critical situation:

The above stated facts and figures help us to arrive at a conclusion about the expected effect of a possible war between America and Syria. The figures clearly suggest that if a war has been waged against Syria, world economic crises would increase by a great deal. It would cause pecuniary problems, not only to war contestants but to whole world. The fuel prices affect all world and increase in prices of petroleum products causes an effect on prices of all items like food, automobiles, industrial products, electricity, cosmetics and services cost like banking and consultancy.

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