Importance of Squats in a Fitness Regime!

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Squats are a fantastic way to get a full body workout. If you include weights in the regime, you can easily incorporate all your body in your fitness plans. Squat exercises primarily target the thighs and butt area, but they also use the hamstrings and lower back. There are many variations of the squat as outlined in this infographic. If you feel problem for searching online doctors, medicalium provides easy access ask the doctor online in UK.

Popularity of squats has soared as more and more celebrities endorse their simplicity and of course the great benefits. Kim Kardashian, Eva Longoria and Jessica Alba are just a few high profile celebrities who have embraced this great exercise in order to improve their overall fitness and tone to amazing effects.

This infographic also explains the process of doing a basic squat and gives some tips about how to get the best from the exercise regime. You will also learn about the calorie burning side to squats which is always good to know.

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