Healthy Diet Plans for Your Body!

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Sticking to diets is one of the main reasons why many people resort to their old unhealthy life. This is because being on a diet is not pleasant at all to those who love to indulge themselves with the pleasures of eating. Another factor for not sticking to a diet is because diet plans are quite hard to follow especially to someone who has been used to eating.

Diet plans are hard to follow which is why the US News and World Report have ranked the top 29 diet plans for people according to how easy they are to follow, how healthy they are in terms of battling heart disease and other medical conditions, their effectiveness and their safety as well. Here are the top three diet plans on their list:

Dietary Approaches to Prevent Hypertension (DASH)

Dietary Approaches to Prevent Hypertension

This diet mainly focuses on lowering the blood pressure by emphasizing on the consumption of fruits, vegetables, protein, low-fat dairy and whole grains while at the same time minimizing the consumption of sugar. Experts report that this diet is easy to stick with, because it is not as strict as other diets.

The DASH diet plan is very effective as it consumes foods that contain no fat and less calories while at the same time containing proteins, which slows metabolism. It helps in combating heart related problems as the foods for this diet have the nutrients that counteract the effects of high blood pressure such as Potassium and Calcium.

Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC)

Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes

Saturated fat is one of the leading causes when it comes to cardiovascular problems as it makes fatty substances around the arteries block blood flow. The TLC diet cuts the saturated fat in order to make sure that there would be no fat deposits in the artery to cause high blood pressure. The diet consists of 1200 calories a day in fruits, vegetables, lean poultry, fish and nonfat dairy products.

The TLC works on a target consumption basis. This means that every day, one must be able to reduce their diet and aim for their target diets so that their bodies can get use to the amount of calories for that day. This is effective as it slowly changes the metabolic process according to how much calorie intake you took.

Mayo Clinic Diet

Mayo Clinic Diet

Calorie counting is not necessary for the Mayo Clinic Diet, as it only requires the snacking-all-you-want in fruits and vegetables. This may be a passive way to do a diet but research shows that it is quite effective for many people and even fights off diabetes.

The Mayo Clinic Diet is very effective because the people on this diet only eat fruits and vegetables, which are already prepared for them. Without knowing it, they have already lost pounds due to their fruits and vegetable only intake.

Diets may be hard to follow, but thanks to the short list of these diet plans, people can now think about what kind of effective diet plan to choose according to their health conditions.

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