Hazardous Materials Experts Called Out to Investigate Spill!

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Moving goods from A to B safely and securely is a priority for many organizations, regardless of the nature of the items in question. Any mistakes when it comes to logistics can cause firms serious problems. Of course, when the products being moved are hazardous, the stakes are particularly high.


If companies fail to arrange the safe and effective movement of these goods, they can suffer major ill-effects. In the worst cases, people can be seriously injured or even killed when things go wrong. Meanwhile, there may be environmental consequences to deal with, and the cost of repairing or replacing damaged property can be high. Then there is the reputational damage to consider.

To help ensure that their items get to their intended destinations intact, firms need to choose suitable hazardous materials packaging. By heading online, bosses can do precisely this.

A recent incident highlighted the potential risks involved in moving dangerous goods. According to a report in the Oxford Times, a container was found lying on the hard shoulder of the M40 southbound between junctions 10 and 9. It was leaking an unknown liquid.

Firefighters were despatched to deal with the incident and they discovered what was described as an oil-based product. As well as fire appliances, specialists support vehicles were sent to the scene from Bicester, Banbury and Oxford. In addition, hazardous materials advisors from both Oxford-shire and Buckingham-shire Fire and Rescue Service were called.

Specialist monitoring equipment was used to identify the liquid leaking from the container, which seemed to have fallen from a passing vehicle.

Commenting on the emergency, incident commander group manager Stuart Garner said: “Through a multi-agency approach and the efficient work of the crews present, the objectives of identifying the liquid, preventing any damage to the environment and minimizing the impact upon the users of this very busy road were quickly achieved and normality returned.”

Although this incident was dealt with quickly and effectively, and did not seem to pose too great a danger, it serves as a reminder that anything can happen when goods are in transit. It is no surprise then that there are strict rules in place governing dangerous goods supplies. Whether firms need to stock up on thermal control packaging, shipping boxes, packaging for radioactive or infectious substances, plastic drums, stainless steel drums or anything else of this kind, it is crucial that they get products that meet these high standards.

As well as the packaging itself, companies need to think about any accessories they require. For example, they might need to invest in hazard labels so that anyone handling or storing products is aware of the risks they pose. Meanwhile, the packaging used must be UN-certified.

It is well worth bosses’ time making the effort to ensure they get suitable packaging supplies. The right decisions when it comes to dangerous goods packing can help to protect people, property and the environment. It is also vital from a legal point of view, and it can prevent potentially major reputational harm.

About the Author – Anna Longdin is a freelance blogger who has written extensively on the subject of dangerous goods packaging and labeling for a number of sites, including Air Sea Containers Ltd.

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