Green Cars: Our Eco Future?

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Can you honestly say you can imagine your life without a car? Didn’t think so! But have you ever stop to think of what damage it’s doing to your health and our Mother Earth? Honestly, neither have I up until I’ve discovered the miracle that Green Cars are. With this vehicle, you still have a full-functioning car, the only difference is – this one is eco-friendly!

Why a Green Car?

Our beautiful planet is getting destroyed by our human hand as we speak. We have been (un)willingly polluting it for decades so now’s come the time to take action! How, you ask. It’s simple – we should all go green, and Green Cars give us the opportunity to do so.

Good news or bad news? I’ll start with good: Green Cars balance combination of electricity, biodiesel and vegetable oils, meaning you are not just saving on fuel but at the same time protecting the environment from the unnecessary fumes. Bad news is: Green Cars cannot yet be bought as they are still an idea of the future.

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What to know?

Green Car is an amazing way to save your health, the Planet and money! Truth is, a Green Car is most likely to cost you double the regular vehicle but it’s worth it! Think of it as a health and money investment. If you don’t need gas, you don’t buy it, right?
Further, if you don’t use gas, you don’t pay taxes for harmful gas emissions… and – you are saving our Planet Earth from collapsing.

For all of you passionate drivers who are used to the engine sound, and the thrill of pressing that pedal and hearing your engine purr, here are some news – Green Cars have no engine sound! Sure, technology has made a simulation of the sound possible, but it’s just not the same. It is probable this will change over time. Before leaping into the Green Car experience, there is one thing you need to think about – long trips! Going away on a long trip with a Green Car is not the smartest of decisions, especially if there is nowhere to recharge your electric car. You do want to help your
environment but don’t want to end up wandering the sites of nowhere, right?

Can I speed up?

The answer to that question would be – no. In their current built, Green Cars can only dish out the average city speed, so if you’ve got the need for speed, you’ll have to sit tight and wait for a model that’ll meet your needs. Yet, with the current speed in technology development, it is almost certain that it won’t be long until we will have our Green friend equipped for racing, even!

Kids and Green Cars?

Everything you do reflects your child’s growing up, education and general outlook on the world. Teach your child responsibility towards Planet Earth so by the time he/she is old enough to learn to drive, he/she will have understood the benefits of a Green Car and will want to try it out. Since Green Cars are the thing of the future, it is likely that your child will find it a normality rather than a novelty, unlike we do today.

Author bio: My name is Christian Bach. I want to get closer population who reading my articles and make to them positive awareness of world in which we are living. We need to protect Mother Nature and green cars are one of the ways to do that.

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