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Now, the android platform release number of the mobile application every day with the free of cost as well as paid versions. Here the contact + is a new Android application which was released on May 31 2015. This application helps to identify the contact phone book and other multiple features. This application is boosted with the message, ID, SMS, caller block, contact back up and much more at this application. This application has well-made by a number of the user and own number of the fan and friends.

Contact+ Application

This application is brought with the help of the contact Plus Team so it will be more comfortable for the customer. Even it helps the customer to block the spam calls and other sums by using the contact + protects. Then you can easily back up the contact, message, and call logs. So you can never lose data. The personal contacts are never being shared with the other and other social media. Then you can change the themes of the customize as per your need so it will be comfortable to use this application. This application is designed for the Android phone which is applicable to install from the basic level to the new level. To collect the latest update of the coupons, need to visit the CoupanDekho.


This application is built with the caller ID, calls and SMS block which helps to avoid the major unwanted calls and much more. It has Quick actions for calls and SMS that allows the user to make use of the features to avoid the major problem. It has five themes which help to keep wish themes and gird the list of the contact views.

Then you can connect the contact with l social media such as whats app, twitter and much more. There is an option to merge the unwanted contacts widget and also customizable contacts widget. Apart from that, the user can get the fast dialer search for the contact to make the call. Therefore use the Flipkart mobile offers for cut down the shipping cost of the customer. This application needs to less memory space in your mobile phone as well as an SD card. Even you can run the application through the phone memory or SD memory.

Contacts+ Application

Need less memory space:

The size of the application will be varied as per the device and it has good rating for the application. At the same time the current version will be suitable device and still now this application has been installed around 50000 users. Now this website provide the major discount and copuns for the customer to buy the various product and other thing. They are providing the positive reviews and feedback about the application. The designed and test the application before coming to the market so it never end with t fail to run on the device. In case of any problem, they are ready to solve the major problem without meeting nay trouble with it. Therefore, you can download the application directly from the mobile and make use of it to get the new experience in it. Even the user can download the application directly from the Google play store with free of cost at any time. Even you can download from another website without providing the official information.

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