How to Fight Food Cravings and Win!

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Most people often suffer from impulsive cravings for certain foods, be it sugars, carbohydrates, or even salty food, which they cannot seem to fight off. And most of the times end up succumbing to such urges, which usually don’t reduce despite the quantity of food consumed. This naturally leads to detrimental effects on such individuals’ bodies, and if this habit is not checked can lead to health issues like obesity, and other weight related ailments.

Food Craving

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However, this doesn’t have to be so if you are affected, but by searching deep within you for that inner strength and determination you can effectively curb your food cravings. One efficient way of doing this is by attending a health retreat, where you can learn excellent ways of combating such problems.

There are diverse factors that can lead to this problem, and some of the most common ones happens to be emotional dishevel, boredom, environmental cues or even idleness. Most people tend to be hit by food cravings when experiencing all manner of emotions such as happiness, anger, loneliness or even depression. And this leads them to turn to certain foods for a mental reprieve.

Yet, one vital fact that you need to take into consideration when overcome by these cravings is that like other addictions like alcoholism or even drug abuse, food cravings release similar reward circuits in the brain. For instance, sweets or carbohydrates release chemicals like serotonin and diverse other feel good hormones in the brain. These naturally make, most people affected by such addictions, to consume larger doses of the food they crave. Such cravings are not always gratifying, and the more food you take in, the more you will be overwhelmed by the urge. And unlike what most people think, the less pleasure you will derive from the experience.

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Effective strategies to combat food cravings


To most individuals affected by this problem, acceptance might seem like a far-fetched strategy in fighting food cravings, but the reverse is actually true. Accepting cravings unlike trying to fight them in your mind, happens to be one of the best ways to curb such urges. Whenever you are hit by such thoughts, never try to avoid them, but merely acknowledge that they are only thoughts, and not necessarily a physical need to gratify. This can significantly lessen the fervency of the urge, and you can rapidly eliminate it altogether.

Imagine eating the food you crave

You can imagine that you are actually eating the food you crave, unlike letting your thoughts dwell on its desirability. This strategy can rapidly diminish the urge to consume the food that you crave, and naturally, steer your thoughts clear of the pleasure which your mind tells you it brings.

Avoid boredom or idleness

You should also at all times try to eliminate these vices, which happen to be great instigators of food cravings. If possible try to take on activities that will occupy your mind positively such as working out, making new friends and so on.

Take up effective food craving distractors

Another good strategy that you might learn by attending a health retreat is whenever food craving hits you; distract your mind by chewing gum or even smelling flowers. Which can significantly delay gratifying the craving and also greatly weakening the urge.

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