FIFA World Cup 2014 – Most Favorite Teams

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Here it is the prevalent scuffle in sports world. Yes! FIFA World Cup 2014 is not too far now as it is going to be held in June 2014, with just 9 months ago. Soccer fanatics keep their fingers crossed for 48 months to see the clash of the titans. So it’s just near now.

Analysts are busy

As FIFA World Championship 2014 is approaching, the analysts around the planet have started making preferences about the one side, which would stand entitled to raise the bullion on July 13, 2014. Let us have a gaze which teams are, more capable to winning the title, the largest title in the sports world!

Football World Cup 2014

Hot teams for the cup!

Here we have short listed 3 of the very favorites to claim the cup this very time. The hot favorites are Spain, Germany and Brazil. Let us have a look at them individually:

  • Spain:

Defending the title, this time around, is the Spanish football lineup. They have the best squadron of all time and that can defeat any tough side under the blue tent. Captain Iker Casillas has the best leadership persona to make a side win games, and as many as he wants. Spanish team is unbeaten for 29 successive games and it is a world record, no doubt!

Spanish team is collected of some incredibly vigilant players of the world, which includes Casillas, Torres, Iniesta and Xavier. Captain of the side is goalkeeper himself. Xavier is an exceedingly good mid player. Torres is the one who misses hit towards the goal once in a blue moon. The only worry they may have is the age factor. Players like Iniesta and Xavier are old now and let’s see how they conquer this impediment.

  • Germany:

We cannot overlook the German side whenever we talk about the game of soccer. They are always likely to qualify for higher knockout stage. Semi-final spot in the upcoming world wouldn’t please them. Their main vigor is their teamwork. The players never rely on their individual efforts even though they are very good players, and deeply focus in cooperation. True they say: “United we stand, divided we fall!”

Germany will be quite favorites to qualify for the all important final match and then rest lies with fate that who plays better that day.   

  • Brazil:

They are the ones, who are offering their land for the championship this year. No soccer pundit can eliminate Brazil from the powerful contenders of the title. They own football as their most favorite game and that makes them the influential contestant. The biggest advantage which Brazil will enjoy this very time is of, the home circumstances. The world cup is going to be staged this time in tremendous scorching weather. Only those teams will be able to perform better who are better tailored to the local weather conditions. And who else can be better adapted to the conditions if not Brazil? They will have to win this cup to recuperate their lost dominance of the last decade. They were fabulous in history and would need to be so again.

Let us cross the fingers:

So let us wait for the sun of July 13, 2014 to rise so that we can find the real winner on the soil of home of soccer. Stay tuned!

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