Drive Sales, Land Leads and Generate Success with These Five Mobile Marketing Tips

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Whether you’re a digital guru or a brick-and-mortar promoter, your sales funnel is important. Consumers are becoming more mobile-centric by the day, and 2016 will usher in a slew of great sales-boosting strategies. Business providers are enhancing their e-commerce potency, increasing sales-floor buys and enhancing retention approaches.

The consumer should always come first. Now, mobile marketing makes buyer prioritization easy. Below, we discuss the five best ways your company can impact mass audiences with mobile marketing. Take note, and take on the industry’s hottest, most secure smartphone-enabled marketing solutions:

Sales Tip One: Use Contextual Mobile Marketing

Smartphones have enabled mass data gathering. They’ve also enhanced the business provider’s ability to nurture leads and reclaim customers. Contextual marketing is big—and it’s being powered by mobile. Smartphones offer incredible contextual marketing adaptability. In 2015, consumers spent 15 hours per week on smartphone-based research. They set aside 7.3 hours, weekly, on mobile web browsing.

Both your in-store and online stores can thrive from the always-connected consumer. Gage their behavior, target likely movements and enhance your brand’s presence. In 2016, products driven by contextual behavior will dominate. Your company needs to target buyer personas based upon mobile-gathered data.

Sales Tip Two: Offer Digital Coupons

Currently, 50 percent of United States consumers make purchases immediately after receiving a branded QR code, text or discount coupon. Digital coupons aren’t only replacing paper-issued deals, they’re becoming a modern marketing cornerstone.

In fact, modern mobile marketers are achieving sky-high sales boosts from digital coupon integration. Digital coupons convert consumers. They drive attention across multiple channels, too. By offering text-based deals, your brand can ensure its operation at full capacity.

Sales Tip Three: Integrate an SMS Polling System

Text message surveys are driving consumerism. In the past, simple feedback options were viable. In 2016, however, dynamic voting systems are needed to secure long-lasting relationships. Automated SMS platforms now offer text-based polling. Interact with your customers with “favorite product” votes, and inspire them with community polling sprees.

Check out this article discussing SMS polling, and incorporate a voting system into your brand to secure massive engagement. Over time, businesses with dynamic feedback benefit from real-time interaction. The world may be getting more digital, but there’s still “wiggle room” for in-store offers. You just need to attract consumers with in-depth interaction.

Sales Tip Four: Incorporate Local Services

Local service marketing isn’t dead. In fact, it’s experiencing a massive resurgence in applied technology. Smartphone geo-location technology is heightening the appeal of local service options, spanning from social media deals to utility apps. In 2015, 75 percent of customers used their devices to locate local businesses. Another 90 percent of searches related to local business resulted in immediate action. Consumers are using smartphones to locate directions, call options, reviews and in-store information. If you can secure a mobile web page, you can spike in-store visits.

Sales Tip Five: Get Involved with Personalized Ads

Many experts believe mobile web marketing is still a “win-win” endeavor. In fact, Apple’s iOS 9, while moving advertisement away from web browsers, is still benefiting marketers. Beyond 2016, mobile ads will live in social media and mobile apps exclusively. They’ll also be incredibly personalized.

As personalization increases, run-of-the-mill advertisements will fade away. As generic advertisement is reduced, custom-tailored exclusives, deals, and promotions will prosper. The Internet of Things, combined with the consumer’s knack for constant mobile connectivity, will drive much of the marketing world’s newest approaches to retention. The sales-floor, whether physical or digital, will always grow when consumers visit. Double-check your strategy, and incorporate smartphone-powered solutions guaranteed to work in upcoming years.

What’s Next?

What do you think of what I’ve covered so far? Will you adopt mobile as your tool for marketing?  I would love to read your comments below.

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