How to Create a Multi-Sensory Birthday Parcel

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Everybody loves receiving a parcel. Whether it’s a birthday gift or Christmas parcel, there’s always that little bit of child-like excitement when the doorbell goes and a package arrives.

Of course, these days it’s more likely to be the delivery of an internet shopping order – which is not the same feeling at all. According to statistics, online retail sales are predicted to grow to a staggering £62.7 billion by 2020. Add to that the recent proliferation of professional gift finding consultants and companies specializing in tailor-made presents for any occasion, and where does that leave the humble birthday parcel?

Perhaps it’s time to revive the old tradition of sending birthday parcels and put the personal touch back into giving presents. But how can you compete with all those uber professional offerings out there? The answer is all in the mind. For your lovingly put together birthday parcel to stand out in a sophisticated and crowded marketplace, you have to appeal to all 5 of the human senses.

Rather than focusing on the material value of ‘stuff’, aim to give your birthday parcel recipient a real feelgood experience instead. How? Welcome to the multi-sensory parcel – a box of carefully selected little treats that appeal to each of the 5 senses. Rather than being judged in terms of its consumer desirability, this type of birthday parcel is designed to deliver sensory pleasure and will produce smiles all round.

If this all sounds a bit new age to you, don’t worry too much. Just use these practical tips to help you choose the right type of items for your parcel and you can’t go far wrong.

Something to smell

From fragranced soaps and bath bombs to scented candles and perfumed teas, find something to put in the parcel that will tantalize the nose – in a good way, obviously. Whether it’s a whiff of incense or the aroma of freshly ground coffee, the evocative scent emanating from the parcel is likely to be the first thing the recipient will notice, possibly even before s/he opens the package.

Something to see

The presentation is everything. Colours and gift wrapping are more important than you may think as they set the tone for what’s to come and create a sense of excitement. Why not go a step further and add a gift whose primary purpose is to visually delight and really captivate your parcel recipient’s sense of sight?

Choose an art print, artifact or object, child’s drawing, or photo in a frame perhaps? Movies (on DVD) have a strong visual element, so could also be included. Maybe also add books, magazines and other things to read to this category – after all, you use your eyes to access them.

Something to touch

Add a touchy-feely element to your parcel by mixing materials and textures within. Select a gift that appeals to the birthday boy’s (or girl’s) sense of touch. Maybe they would appreciate a silk scarf, wooly socks, cotton t-shirt or other soft fabric items? Soft toys are a good idea for children, and home furnishings would work well too. Don’t forget to consider other materials such as wood, bamboo, stone or metal – but bear in mind that items shouldn’t be too heavy if you are using a postal or courier service to deliver your parcel.

Something to taste

No parcel would be complete without an indulgent, tasty treat that can be devoured upon receipt, savored for longer enjoyment or even kept for another occasion. You probably won’t need much help choosing chocolates, marshmallows or biscuits, favorite sweets, savory nibbles or other foodie treats for the birthday girl or boy. Just make sure you double check customs regulations if your parcel is going overseas, as there may be restrictions.

Something to hear

Finally, why not indulge the receiver’s sense of sound by including music or other sounds in your parcel in some way? You could send a music CD, playlist or voice recording with a special birthday message. Use your imagination to think of other suitable gifts that (can be used to) make a sound, such as musical instruments or sheet music, DVD movies – and don’t forget that nature sounds and the spoken word can deliver just as powerful and beautiful a sound as music can.

Article provided by Mike James, an independent content writer working together with market leading parcel broker Rand Logistics, who were consulted over the information contained in this post.

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