Breaking Mental Barriers with Positive Optimism!

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OptimismHumans by and large differ in their way of thinking. Populace has poles apart perspectives, at which their intellect makes hub in the thinking and decision making process. This variance in thinking approach is an ingredient of natural assortment present in human race.

Diversity in thoughts:

Ever since the human race has evolved, we have noted dissimilar perspectives of people about an analogous state of affairs. Protagonist of a nation may be a villain for the opposites. A common example quoted, regarding miscellany of human thoughts, is about a water tumbler.

Suppose a tumbler has a capacity of 300ml and the volume of water in tumbler is 150 ml. Now, for Mr. A, the tumbler is half-filled. While, for Mr. B, it may be half- empty.

Pessimism and Optimism:

Two chief modes of thinking are pessimism and optimism. These two expressions are defined as under:

  • Pessimism

    It is a belief, a mode of thinking, which states, that bad things are going to happen in future. It portrays gray side of life and holds one back.

  • Optimism

    It is a feeling, a mode of thinking, of being hopeful about the future or about the success of something in particular.

The example quoted above, shows the two different modes. Mr. A is acting in optimistic way, while Mr. B is acting in pessimistic way.

What is a mental barrier…?

Mental barrier may be defined as:

“An illusory, virtual or imaginary curb or border, which a person applies on him, which results in dwindle of a person’s thinking vision and wisdom limits.”

We may also say that, a mental barrier is a restriction on one’s thoughts, which hinders an individual to think beyond the boundaries.

How optimism can help to dissolute mental barriers….?

Now, after all background has been elaborated comprehensively, let us come to the main point. Here is an account, which will explain how mental barriers can be dissolved with use of optimistic thinking.

  • Optimistic thinking decreases stress level to a considerable extent. When a person gets relieved off the negative stress, he is in a better position to think about his deals. In this way, his self-imposed restrictions are dissolved. Hence decrease in stress level causes mental barriers to reduce their influence on one’s mind.
  • Optimism increases level of productivity. When a person becomes more productive, with the passage of time, he realizes his abilities of performing well and performing more. In this way, the thought, “I can’t do well!” gets removed.
  • Before a person achieves something in real, he has to visualize the achievement’s model in his mind. Mental hindrances often hinder this goal visualization. By use of optimistic thinking, this process of visualizing future goals gets better and a person is able to remove his mental blockades consequently.
  • Optimistic thinking causes a substantial impact on motivation level of an individual. When a person gets motivated, his psychological barriers get removed gradually.

So, the gist of the tale is that optimism substantially contributes towards removal of mental barriers. Researches show that optimism is often helpful in removal of psychological hindrances.

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