Which is the best form of Magnesium to take?

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Not all Magnesium supplements are the same and understanding which forms have the best absorption and bioavailability, can help us choose the right Magnesium supplement to improve our health and well-being.


Because 99% of the body’s Magnesium is needed inside the cell, finding a Magnesium supplement which has proven intra-cellular bioavailability is very important.


Most forms commonly used aren’t very bio-available and our bodies don’t actually absorb the mineral. If Magnesium isn’t absorbed properly, it can also cause a laxative effect. This is because magnesium attracts water into the large intestine causing a more liquid stool.

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Some supplement companies use Magnesium ‘chelates’ which means the Magnesium is bound to amino acids. They claim Magnesium chelates have good absorption through the gut, however the biochemistry of Magnesium absorption is now very well understood and it has been proven that chelates are not necessarily the best form of Magnesium for absorption and bioavailability.

  1. Magnesium citrate showed the highest absorption into the body after supplementation

A randomised, double-blind and placebo controlled study on 46 healthy individuals supplemented with 300mg of elemental Magnesium from Magnesium citrate, Magnesium amino acid chelate or Magnesium oxide per day showed Magnesium citratehad significantly higher absorption than all other groups at 24hrs and after 60 days.

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Figure 1. Magnesium citrate showed the highest absorption into the body after supplementation. Source:Walker AF et al. Magnes Res. 2003; 16:183-91. International Foundation for Promotion of Nutrition Research and Nutrition Education, Switzerland; Lamberts Healthcare Ltd.

2.Magnesium citrate has proven intracellular bioavailability to quickly and effectively improve the body’s cellular Magnesium status

A placebo controlled randomised study of 51 healthy individuals who received 300mg of elemental Magnesium from a Clinically Trialled Therapeutic Magnesium (citrate), placebo or Magnesium oxide; showed the Clinically Trialled Therapeutic Magnesium group had significantly higher increases in intracellular Magnesium.

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Research studies now clearly show Magnesium citrate has superior absorption through the gut as well as excellent bioavailability inside the cell.

Powders are usually the preferred choice, because they provide far more therapeutic Magnesium per serve than a tablet or capsule.

Finding a Magnesium citrate powder which tastes great may be a challenge, as many powders are strong or bitter in taste. Choosing a Clinically Trialled Magnesium powder, which provides a high therapeutic dose of Magnesium and tastes great too, will make replenishing optimal magnesium levels easy and fast.



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