5 Things you can make from Recycled Wood

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We’ve all seen a piece of wood lying around the place, either in our own backyard or in someone else’s, and perhaps never thought “I could really use that to create something great for the kitchen or living room”.

Well, be assured that there are plenty of creative ways to recycle old wood. From practical shoe racks to grand tables and fine wine racks, wood has endless potential. And the best part, you don’t need to be an experienced carpenter or a DIY extraordinaire, to make these impressive and very useful creations happen either. A bit of confidence and skill and you’re on the road to making something magnificent. Of course, a little advice goes a long way too.

To help inspire you and also, to provide you with useful tips, we have created an infographic on five things you can make from recycled wood. Get ideas on the types of furniture you can make from recycled wood and importantly, get advice on how to make them.

Even if you don’t happen to have any used wood knocking around the place, be aware that some companies pay to get rid of their wooden pallets and they will definitely be happy for you to take them for no charge.

Jarrimber Infographic

Infographic provided by- http://www.jarrimber.com.au/

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