4 Locations Ideal for a Holiday Home

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Whether you are quickly moving up on the property ladder, or you are looking for a nice holiday home in which to spend your last few summers before you retire there permanently, it is important that you do all the relevant research before making a rash decision. Like purchasing any property, a holiday home represents a huge investment, so it would not do well to enter into negotiations lightly.

Still, there are certain locations that are more popular for holiday homes than others. If you are looking into the ideal holiday home for you and your family, read on for four examples of picturesque locations for you to set up shop during the holiday seasons.

  1. South of France

The South of France has always been an ideal location for holidaymakers, and for brits it is a simple plane or train ride away, making it perfect for short trips or long weekends with the family. The South of France enjoys sunny weather throughout the Summer and early Autumn, without the glaring heat of European countries living closer to the equator. So if it is good weather without the heat you are after, the South of France is certainly for you!

What Price are we talking here? The South of France is both picturesque and popular with tourists. For £190k, you can grab a 2 bedroom townhouse or a 3 bedroom smallholding in some areas of the South of France.

  1. Spain

Widely considered one of the best locations for holidaymakers across the EU, Spain is a great place for those looking for a holiday home, or even for those looking to spend the rest of their days in a warm locale. With a wide range of different scenery to choose from, including more modern apartments to traditional villas, the coastal regions to hillside cottages and more, you can choose your perfect holiday home to suit your needs in Spain.

What Price are we talking here? £169k will net you a two bedroom apartment in Tenerife, whereas the same amount goes a little further in Puente de San Miguel and Alicante, where you can get a 4 bedroom terraced house and a 4 bedroom apartment respectively.

  1. New Zealand

Whether you are looking for the gorgeous coastline, your very own hobbit home or a cottage up in the snowy mountains, New Zealand offers a wide range of different properties and destinations to choose from. The culturally rich country also has a lot to offer to local and international tourists, meaning that if you buy a holiday home with the intention of renting it out, you’re like to garner a good amount of interest and profit from it. As a country used to film many fantastical and fictional backdrops, New Zealand has wide open spaces and beautiful vistas that many would pay ‘top dollar’ to see.

What Price are we talking here? For prices up to £200k, you can get 3-4 bedroom houses in a wonderful open plan style. Many properties also come with spacious back gardens reminiscent of the stunning New Zealand countryside.

  1. Greece

Since the euro-crisis, properties in Greece have been falling in value, however, this certainly has not stopped keen-eyed investors from snapping up holiday homes in ideal locations. If you are looking for a quick sell or for something that has genuine profit attached to it, this might not be your bag, but if you want a beautiful holiday home in which you and your family can comfortably spend your holidays, this could be the perfect purchase for you. Some of the better-known resorts and beaches are still fetching reasonably steep prices, but if you go a little out of the way, you could end up with a real gem.

What Price are we talking here? Prices can range from anywhere between £120k and £145k for a new, detached, two bedroom villa with the latest double glazing installed.

Having good weather and a warm, comfortable place to rest your laurels is important, but it is also important that there are constant electricity, local shops and more new-fangled inventions such as ‘wi-fi’. It is a good idea to make a list of all the essentials regarding your own family and friends when looking at a property for purchase. If you are all night owls, then looking for a place in the countryside where there is likely going to be a lot of early morning activity might not be the best idea. Find the ideal property to suit you, then you don’t have to worry about changing the surrounding environment to suit your needs, and the holiday home is then practically ready for you to move in then and there!

Always do your research online before suddenly flying out to have a look at properties and know your rights as a homeowner. Sometimes you may have to be a registered citizen of the country you are looking at, or you have to have a valid reason for purchasing a property in that country. It is better to know ahead of time than to get caught out. Best of luck with your search!

Article provided by Mike James, an independent content writer working together with Marbella’s largest and longest-running real estate agent Panorama.es, who were consulted over the information contained in this post.

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